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Questions About Cables for Your HDTV? Check Out the HDTV Cable Guide!

Guide to HDTV Cables from 

HDTV Cable Technology Overview


Unfortunately one of the most critical factors in ensuring a stellar HDTV experience is often overlooked.  Simply using an incorrect cable for your HDTV installation can lead to an 80% reduction in picture quality, even if you’ve invested in the proper equipment.   Some of the most common video cables used by today’s A/V devices simply cannot handle the strict technical requirements imposed by HDTV. 

Common A/V Cable Types

            Coaxial / RF                                    Composite Video                                S-Video

HDTV Support: NO                           HDTV Support: NO                   HDTV Support: NO

If you are using any of the cables shown above as the connection between your HDTV and HD source equipment, you are missing out on the HDTV experience. This is one of the best indicators of HDTV compatibility, since a quick glance at the back of your equipment can verify whether the installation is compliant. These cables can still be used for connections between legacy equipment like VCR’s and an HD display.

Common HDTV Cable Types


        Component Video                                    DVI                                                 HDMI

      HDTV Support:  YES                     HDTV Support:  YES                  HDTV Support:  YES

A great majority of HDTV’s can utilize any of the three cable types shown above. Component Video, DVI, and HDMI cables are all fully compatible with HDTV signals.  All of these cables are optimized specifically for the purpose of carrying high resolution video signals such as HDTV. carries all of these HDTV cable options for your home theater.

Component Video

Component Video is the oldest cable technology commonly used for HDTV’s.  Component Video cables support an analog system of signal transmission.  Component Video is very similar to the VGA/SVGA system used primarily on computer displays. Component cables can always be identified by their distinctive red, green, and blue markings.   The image quality provided through a Component Video

quality provided through a Component Video connection is quite impressive, but not quite as sharp as a digital connection like DVI and HDMI.  DVD players almost always provide the best picture quality through the Component Video connections.

Since Component Video is an analog technology, it can be prone to interference, especially over extended runs.  Component Video cables from are designed to combat these problems.  Gold Plated RCA connector terminations eliminate signal drop-outs caused by corrosion.  Low-loss double shielded RG-59 coaxial cable permits longer cable runs and protects against interference.

Compatible with all devices featuring Component Video connections; including HDTV’s, DVD Players, Sony PS3™, and X-Box 360™ game consoles. 

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DVI Video

DVI, or Digital Visual Interface, was the first all digital video connection technology used for HDTV’s.  Although originally developed for flat panel computer displays, the technology quickly migrated to the HDTV market.  HDTV’s specifically use the DVI-D connection type designed to accommodate digital video signals.  Due to its digital nature, a DVI connection produces a stunningly detailed image.  DVI should be considered first over Component Video if the

option is available.  Although most late generation HDTV’s use HDMI connections, it is possible to convert between HDMI and DVI using the proper cable.

DVI cables from feature a mixture of copper twisted pair and coaxial cable conductors in a flexible jacket.  An additional layer of shielding is included to isolate the DVI cable from potentially harmful interference. Conductors are precisely spaced to maintain signal integrity over extended runs.

Compatible with all devices featuring DVI-D or HDMI (with converter cable) connections; including HDTV’s, Digital Computer Displays, Upscaling DVD Players, HD-DVD™ and BlueRay™ Players, Sony PS3™, and X-Box 360™ game consoles.

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HDMI Video


HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, is the premier HDTV interface.  Specifically designed for High Definition devices, HDMI provides both uncompressed high resolution digital video and multi-channel surround sound over a single link.  This drastically reduces your cabling requirements and setup time.  The video component of the HDMI interface is backwards compatible with DVI when using the proper cable.  HDMI should always be the preferred connection method if your equipment supports it.  HDMI is a scalable technology, thus allowing for future technology upgrades without the need to replace the cable.

HDMI cables from have been certified by an HDMI compliant test lab.  This compliance testing ensures that the cable uses the proper wire gauge and layout per the HDMI specification.  By following such tight tolerances in the construction of the cable, HD resolutions up to 1080P are supported.

Compatible with all devices featuring DVI-D (with converter cable) or HDMI connections; including HDTV’s, Digital Computer Displays, Upscaling DVD Players, HD-DVD™ and BlueRay™ Players, Sony PS3™, and X-Box 360™ game consoles.

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