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The Cables on Demand Blog: Ask the Cable Guy

Welcome to the Official Amphenol Cables on Demand Blog:  Ask the Cable Guy

Cables can be a confusing topic capable of confounding even the most technically inclined minds.  As the world’s communications infrastructure grows, the corresponding demand for interconnect products such as cables, connectors and modules will expand exponentially.  With such an immense variety of cables to choose from and conflicting advice as to what combination of cables are needed for a particular application, wouldn’t it be nice to have an authoritative source to rely upon that can answer your questions?  Well now there is!  The Cables on Demand Product Manager, a.k.a. “The Cable Guy”, will answer your questions and offer advice in an easy-to-follow blog format here at

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Cables on Demand ( is a division of Amphenol Corporation, the second largest manufacturer of cable and connector products in the world.  With over 3,000 products available for same-day shipment in their New York warehouse, Amphenol Cables on Demand can provide the perfect cable for your project at factory-direct prices.  Call today @ 1-866-223-2860 or contact [email protected].